Posted by: terrapraeta | December 16, 2007

Hot Sexy Mama

You flicker
And you’re beautiful
You glow inside my head
You hold me hypnotized
I’m mesmerized
Your flames
The flames that kiss me dead

The Cure, Caterpillar

A few weeks back, we went out and saw a show, drank a few cocktails, danced, met new people. It was fun.

The band we were seeing was a cover band: not a tribute band or mimic, just a bunch of guys that get together because they love the music of Tool, love to play it, hang out with other Tool fans and have a good time. Its become a lmost a loose knit community: which simply cannot happen at the big venues.

One of the people I met was a ‘designated driver’: she was completely unfamiliar with the music so she was at first a little trepidatious about being there. But she seemed like a pretty cool person and we talked some over the course of the evening.

One of the first conversations we had was very shortly after the music started. She wanted to know if the real singer was as hot as the guy currently singing on stage. I had to stop and think about that one for a second. Maynard is not what anyone would typically call attractive (see here, here, and here), but at the same time, he is undeniably charismatic (especially when on stage). And IMO, that does qualify him as ‘hot.’

So it got me thinking. I’ve seen professional models that are, in my mind, at best moderately attractive. And at other times, I have felt an attraction for different individuals that even I can see would not be traditionally considered attractive. (Did you look at those pics of Maynard? I mean c’mon!) I’ve had honest-to-gods debates on the subject.

Today I pose the question to you dear readers. What is attractive to you? What is sexy to you? Are they the same things or are they different? Which gets your attention more? Looks or sex appeal?

Please, do tell.

(Originally posted August 29, 2006) 



  1. They are different, and what gets my attention varies. I think there are four forms of love: intellectual, emotional, sensual and erotic. What is attractive is the sensual, aesthetic form; what is sexy is the erotic. They are very different, although I think most men muddle them together. But the appeal of people with great passion, energy, is something else again: it is, I think, a combination of intellectual and emotional appeal. Our hormones deliberately and gently weave the appeal, the attraction, together. The ache, the longing, is something therefore we can’t quite put our finger on, until we deconstruct the attraction, and only then if and when we know ourselves very well.

  2. I’m sure you are right, Dave.

    I think what has always struck me about this topic… I very rarely find anyone attractive… at least until I get to know them, and even then, while I may be attracted, I don’t often look at them and go “wow”. Hell, the man I live with now is constantly getting chased around and still, sometimes, I’m caught pondering why. I mean, he is beautiful to me, but what is it about his face that other women respond so strongly to? I don’t get it. I guess I’m just strange that way……

    Thanks for stopping by!


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