Posted by: terrapraeta | December 21, 2007

Naked Girls

It’s at times like these the great heaven knows
That we wish we had not so many clothes
So let’s loosen up with a playful tease
Like all lovers did through the centuries

We’re just following ancient history
If I strip for you will you strip for me?
We’re just following ancient history
If I strip for you will you strip for me?

Adam Ant, Strip

Last night we went to the strip club.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t at all what we had planned: we ended up going with my honey’s best friend and drinking a whole lot of booze.

It was an interesting evening, but not at all the exploration that we are looking for. Where we wanted to be ‘in the moment’ and sharing our thoughts and experiences as the evening progressed, we were instead independent voyeurs, sharing an occasional meaningful glance or grin. Where we wanted to interact more with other visitors at the club — at least on the level of people watching and discussing their behaviors and responses — we found ourselves focused primarily on the stage show.

Just the same, it has left me with lots of thoughts to analyze. First off, I found myself non-typically restrained by “Joe’s” presence. I have been to clubs with other male friends over the years and I haven’t thought much about it. And even last night, I didn’t consciously think anything of him being there. Yet I felt like I could not just ‘do whatever’ and I am certain that it was because of him. Its strange that I cannot seem to tie any actually thought or conscious discomfort to that fact, so I’m going to have to ponder this further.

I also had a rather strong reaction to what I perceived as the ‘formulaic nature’ of the girls accepting their tips. Again, I have been to various clubs, before, so it is not something I was unaware of, yet somehow I was more aware of it last night, and it seemed to be an impediment to my enjoying the experience. It wasn’t that the girls seemed particularly bored, or anything like that – in fact, I think the girls at this particular club, this particular evening were relatively playful, making the evening fun for themselves and their audience – but there was something about it that just didn’t sit right with me. Perhaps it was that they, really, gave too much for a dollar, so there was no ‘next level’ to go to for repeat tippers, or female tippers, or other exceptional instances.

I mostly sat back and watched last night. I have always been somewhat the voyeur at heart. But after we had been there for a while, a couple of the girls started pestering the boys to pester me to come up and tip them. So finally I got myself up and did so – and once it started, there was no going back. So by the final dance of the evening, I was embracing my exhibitionist streak a little, as well. It was fun and all, but again, I really had way too much to drink to fully appreciate it in the moment and “Joe’s” presence made it difficult to ‘expand the moment’ by exploring it afterwards with my honey.

One little bit of bizarreness did ensue, however. As we drove home, “Joe” admitted that he is sexually attracted to me and he wants to fuck me etc etc. Nothing I didn’t know, of course, and I am quite certain it was no surprise to my honey. But I think it was a big thing for “Joe”. I’m now curious if he is going to follow up with discomfort around me, or if he is finally going to be able to ‘just be okay’ with how he feels. I hope the later, but I worry that he is already worrying it around in his head and turning it into a major crisis.

(Originally Posted September 3, 2006) 


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