Posted by: terrapraeta | January 24, 2008

Naked Girls Take 2

I want your hands on me
What I want, give me
You know I wanna please you
What I wanna do to you

You don’t waste no time, do you?
You know I’m looking through you
Why you wanna tease me
I want you to come and please me

Sinead O’Conner, I Want Your Hands On Me

So I told you all about our Friday Night. Saturday night, as planned we headed back to the strip club. This was a different club than the one we went to last time, and I have to say I like the other one better. But that did not stop us from having an enjoyable evening.

The Club we visited this week was BYOB, so we picked up a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and headed out. First objective: limited alcohol. Check. Wes topped for dinner, but unfortuantely did not kick off the night with any particularly interesting conversation – partially because the restaurant we chose turned out to be a little less conducive to frank discussion than we would like, and partly (I’m sure) because we had talked about so much the night before.

That was alright, though. We talked a bit in the car on the way to the club, and so by the time we arrived, we were in the right sort of mood to enjoy the spectacle. We grabbed a couple seats right by the stage, my honey pulled out a stack of singles and we settled in.

I don’t know if my recent, increased confidence in my appearance was key, or if I have become more comfortable with the idea of liking girls, if it was the fact that we were alone, or if it was a combination of these (and perhaps additional) factors, but I was much more comfortable with the idea of tipping and playing with the girls than I have been previously. This particular club had a strict no-touch rule (the other one is quite relaxed in that regard), but the fact is that they can touch all they want – and they do!

I know urban strip clubs are quite different, but in the rural areas, when a girl tips at the strip club this is an invitation to the girls to ask if they can play. Playing usually involves barring the tippers breasts, a little fondling, a little suckling or some combination thereof. So the first time I put up a dollar, the girl came over and coaxed me to stand up, asking what she can do… and I replied ‘whatever you want.’ Her eyes lit up, she lifted my shirt, the guys in the club began to howl as she nuzzled and jiggled my boobs.

This repeated a few times with different girls, then a super sexy, sensual black girl took the stage. As soon as she got started she caught my eye and smiled. And then again. Several times, in fact. I got the impression that she really liked girls. So of course I had to tip her. Instead of going for the obvious, she had my place the dollar in my teeth, then she fondled my belly and breasts through my shirt, nuzzled my neck, and licked my lips as she took the dollar from my mouth with her own. She was hot. I liked her.

The next girl out didn’t impress me much at first. But enthusiasm and attitude can make a big difference. When she arrived on our end of the stage, she gave me a big grin, leaned over and said ‘I gotta grab my some boobie.’ And she did. So of course I had to tip her. Whatever else you might say about her, that girl really enjoys her job After watching her for a while it became quite obvious that she is simply a total exhibitionist. Hell, you could tell she was getting turned on, every time she took the stage.

A few more girls came and went and then it was obvious that they had run through the full cast and were back to the girl that was dancing when we walked in. We were on our last pair of Mike’s, so I suggested to my honey that we wait for my favorite to dance again, and then we would leave. It was a good plan, unfortunately, it turned out that I was not the only one that really liked her: when it came be her turn, they skipped her – and we could only guess that she was in the midst of a lucrative private session.

So instead, little miss enthusiasm took the stage. Immediately came by and grabbed my breast again, so of course I put a dollar up. This time, as she pulled my shirt down, I was somewhat shocked to hear the announcer pipe up in the middle of her dance! “Look at those huge breasts – c’mon guys, get your dollars up!” Eh hem. Did I mention that I’m a bit busty? But I did not expect that. Certainly enough of a surprise that I will not forget it soon.

We hung out just a little longer, and then as we were leaving, our favorite exhibitionist saw us walking out: “Oooh, are you guys leaving? C’mere, Give me a hug, come back and see us again,. drive safe…” I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but that was okay.

As planned, we got home fairly early… and then stayed up rather late. But I’ll leave that to your imagination. 🙂

(Originally Posted November 7, 2006)


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