Posted by: terrapraeta | April 1, 2009

Take 3

Once upon a time I was a regular blogger and I built a site and wrote every day and actually conversed with a number of other bloggers across the world.

Then life changed… I dropped out, deleted my blog and no one heard from me for months and more.

In time, I missed my online friends so I started this blog and began reposting my old articles as a baseline from which to start again.  But my internet sucked, I worked double shifts several days a week, I got distracted… in other words, I dropped the ball and walked away again.

So now I am ready to get this thing going — hopefully for good this time.  I will be posting all of my old articles, one each weekday until everything important is out there.  I’ll be creating an index of the archives, as my old articles fall into two basic categories: one; my life, my story, my personal psychosis… and two; essays on life the universe and everything.

Since I stopped blogging two years ago, life has taken some very bizarre turns, I’ve seen things from some new perspectives and I have questioned and re-questioned myself on some of the primary questions my old blog focused on.  I’ll be writing up many of these thoughts as well… interspersed at first and later, in proper blogging format 😉

For now… welcome… welcome back… hey howarya, luvyurwork 🙂



  1. Hey now! Glad you’re back. I’ve been checking now and then to see if you’ve written anything new. Now I know that you have.

  2. Joe!

    Glad to see you’re still around! Mostly I’m still playing catch up, getting old stuff re-posted to get new people “up to speed” — but I’m gonna plan to have something brand spankin’ new every Wed, at least.

    I’ll swing by and check on you soon 🙂


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