Posted by: terrapraeta | April 9, 2009

Future Tense

Well pull up the John B’s sails
See how the mainsail sets
Send for the Captain ashore
And let me go home
I wanna go home
Well, I wanna go home
‘Cause I feel so broke up (he’s so broke up)
I wanna go home
(Yes I do)
I feel so broke up
(He so broke up)
Lord, that I wanna go home

Van Morrison, I Wanna Go Home

This morning I woke up and found an interview with ‘my buddy’ Maynard in my inbox.

It was an interesting article, just the right amount of sillyness, without being completely senseless. One of things that has intrigued me, recently, is that Maynard has started himself a winery: not hey, put my name on the label and let’s make some money – but the real thing. He’s going down and pressing grapes when he’s not on the road. Interestingly, he has set up in a narrow region in Arizona that is just starting to gain an awareness of its potential for wine grapes. A few wineries here and there, but not much in the way of community development as a ‘wine country’.

In the article he talks about this a little: that in time he suspects the B&B’s will start to appear, perhaps a few really decent restaurants, and to a (much) lesser degree, all of the little ‘touristy’ things that inevitably appear. More importantly, he talked a little about his vision for this project, this future life he is building for himself.

Apparently, he is thinking that while it may develop into a mini ‘San Francisco Wine Country’ in the short to mid-term, in the long term, he is envisioning a localized, self sustaining community. On a scale larger than I generally discuss, but just the same, it intrigues me that he is thinking this far ahead. And perhaps I am reading more into it than I should. But I have always found Maynard to say most when he says least. So I suspect I am reading him right (and if not, I guess it really doesn’t matter, neh?)

This caught my attention so dramatically because next summer, my honey, my kid and I plan to head out to the American Southwest and look around. Try and figure out what place ‘feels’ right for when we are ready to leave and start our ‘envisioned’ life. I have been ignoring Arizona for a number of reasons: one being that the price of land seems higher overall. But perhaps that is not something I should decide before going. There is something very appealing about a B&B/Restaurant in an up and coming wine-country. It could be a very interesting place to start – and it would provide a specific design structure to the thoughts in my head.

Instead of creating something new, where nothing currently exists, we may be able to fill an obvious and already perceived need while also creating the opportunity we are looking for to create a completely different life for ourselves.

This is, of course, merely speculation. But after the stress of the last few days, perhaps it gives me a better focus for my thoughts. I am sure that some of my tension is very much related to the vagueness of our plans. I know that things will begin to solidify once we take our tour next summer. Now I see that we may find more than just our ‘place,’ perhaps we will also find a role that we want to fill.

(Originally Posted November 30, 2006)


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