Posted by: terrapraeta | April 24, 2009

Fill ‘Er Up

Now all my friends are getting sober
You might say downright a-serious
You know they’re making themselves better
A-making themselves better just for what?

And I like the pop songs on the radio
Especially when they’ve got three chords – this one’s got four
And I like cream and I like sugar in my coffee and my tea
If you know what I mean

So won’t you please lift off your burden
Of searching for significance
And if you’re thirsty, drink some water
And if you love me, live with me

Cracker, I Drink Water

I bought a new bottle of water this weekend. That probably sounds weird, but bear with me.

I really like sport bottles: once upon a time I never drank water – just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But then, right about the time I started to really put some effort into being healthy, they introduced the sport bottle. I can take it anywhere, don;pt have to worry about it spilling, and just drinking from it, somehow is different than drinking from a glass. So in some bizarre way, the tool has gotten all wrapped up in my healthier behavior patterns.

So I always have a bottle of water with me, now. At home, in the car, visiting friends and family, it’s become a piece of who I am. But at the same time, I’m not one of those people that goes out and buys cases of water every week. It’s just silly and outrageously stupid to me. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also wasteful from an environmental perspective – and don’t get me started on the third world abuses of bottled water!

Instead, I buy a bottle of water and then fill it and refill it for a month, sometimes two, until the darn thing has no life left in it and needs to be replaced. This time, it literally wore out – a little pinhole in the side was leaking water all over my desk Friday afternoon. So I had to buy a new one.

But get this, my honey is reading the bottle later that evening, just for no reason in particular, and what does he find?

Before opening, make sure cap safety ring is unbroken.

Ok, fair enough… but this?

Do Not Refill.

Wa-huh?!? Are you freaking kidding me? I dunno, maybe they all say it now, but it blew my mind. Do not refill, or what? Will I get a visit from the water bottle police? Are we going to put the plastic bottle manufacturers out of business? Or maybe we’ll realize that the bottled water really isn’t any better than the stuff out of the tap? Oh!… maybe we’ll actually realize that stealing fossil water from third world countries is absolutely absurd!

And of course, immediately beneath this warning is an advertisement of this particular water companies environmental efforts:

Proud Sponser of American Forests

I have to wonder exactly how much good will they are trying to buy with their tax deductible sponsorship: and how much bad will it is meant to cover up and make up for.

I know, I’m a cynic when it comes to American Corporations. Do you blame me?

(Originally Posted December 20, 2006)



  1. terra,
    You’re being paranoid. “Do Not Refill” is about liability. It isn’t really a message for the consumer, it’s a message for the lawyers. It is meant to legally protect the producer when some unethical restaurant owner refills the bottles.


  2. Fair Enough Jim…. I wrote this one few years ago, literally moments after reading the bottle. And part of the reason i wrote it was because people — you know, normal people — had been telling me that refilling water bottles was dangerous. Sure — if the bottle got cooked to unstable temps (like after sitting in a closed car during the summer months for days), but otherwise… gimme a break πŸ˜‰


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