Posted by: terrapraeta | April 29, 2009

Naked Girls III

Wider baby smiling you just made a million
Fuses pumping live heat twisting out on a wire
Take one last glimpse into the night I’m touching close I’m holding bright, holding tight
Give me shudders in a whisper take me up till I’m shooting a star

Girls on film (she’s more than a lady), girls on film
Girls on film (two minutes later), girls on film
Girls on film (see you together), girls on film
Girls on film (see you later), girls on film
Girls on film (what ya doing), girls on film

Duran Duran, Girls on Film
This week, one of our bestest of friends was in town for a visit. He recently went through a kind of rough divorce and so he took the opportunity, when it came, to move across country and really start his life afresh. Sounds like it is going to work out very well for him, but we miss him being here and enriching our lives.

But Wednesday night, at least, we got to spend the evening with him and renew our friendships.

He arrived at the house just a few minutes before my honey got home from work. We chatted a little and then headed down to our favorite local restaurant. He had invited a sometimes-girlfriend to join us, but she was still en route when we arrived, so we ordered a pitcher of margaritas and fell into conversation.

My honey and I had hemmed and hawed a little over what we were going to tell him about our lives, but it quickly became clear that we both really wanted to tell him about the changes we have been going through and where that seems to be leading us. So we did. It was a bit awkward at first, because actually talking to another real life person about opening our relationship and exploring the world of polyamory was a new thing, but eventually we got past coyness and just talked.

It ended up working out very well – as we knew it would – he was supportive and comfortable with our revelation, and the most interesting point was when he told us that, really, he kind of thought we had always had an open relationship. Not necessarily in fact, but at least in premise. Looking back, I guess I understand that: his wife was always rather jealous of my friendship with him, but there had never been any concern from me about my honey’s female friends, nor did he concern himself with my male friends. We always had that basic level of trust and comfort and openness, and our relationships were unhampered by gender issues or social assumptions.

It feels really good to be open with someone, at least. To be truthful, I do have a friend that I have told much of this to, but I have not seen her since last spring, so the conversations have all been via email. I suppose that is why it feels so different. Its real, but still virtual.

In any case, eventually his friend showed up and we drank more margarita’s and eventually even had dinner. When we finished, we headed over to our regular bar only to decide that really, maybe, what we wanted to do was to go to the Strip Club. She had never been before and was curious and our buddy was willing to drive, so away we went.

This time we went back to the first club I wrote about before. I definitely like it better. I was happy to find that I felt no discomfort from their presence as I had with my honey’s friend. Partly, I’m sure, because I was already rather tipsy, partly because I have been to the club with him before, and partly because she jumped right in to see what it was all about.

I found, early on, that when I went up to tip, the girls would not ‘let’ me get away with just standing at the stage edge – once the saw that I was willing to be a little more daring, they wouldn’t take anything less. So I spent a fair amount of time laying across the side of the stage with lovely, naked bodies floating over me. One of the girls went so far as to allow her nipple to hover just above my mouth. I couldn’t resist that, so I gave her a little kiss. I have to think she was fine with that, because a moment later, the other nipple appeared in its place. Can’t play favorites, now can we 🙂

As we were leaving, the same girl came over to us, gave me a kiss and snuggle before we walked out the door. Even told me I was beautiful. That’s always an ego boost, there: a beautiful girl saying such things is quite the turn on, especially when there is no money in it, for her. (says my cynical side) Last time we were there, I had pegged her as the most attractive girl in their line up, but she wasn’t my favorite. I still think she is the prettiest, but she also is now my favorite as well.

(Originally Posted December 29, 2006)


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