Posted by: terrapraeta | May 6, 2009

Chat Room WEG

Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by, just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
I’ll always remember you
Like a child, girl

Cat Stevens, Wild World

I’ve never been a big fan of online chats. It just seemed like it would be too hard to have a useful conversation. Those times that I had been involved, the talk seemed to hover quite consistently around the extreme silly and things simply happened too fast to keep up. Or, conversely, things happened so slowly that I spent a lot of time waiting for someone to say something, please?

Over the last week, however, I have started to acquire a new respect for ‘chatting.’ I still recognize the drawbacks, but something finally occurred to me that I had previously missed. While forums and blogs are great for intellectual discussions and casual commentary, ‘Chats’ are all about… well, chatting. You know, the way that you do with real people – and the way that friendships are birthed and maintained. Of course, I am spoiled – most of my ‘chatting’ is done with assorted people that in do know IRL, people that are scattered across the country so I cannot see and interact with them regularly, but nonetheless, people that I can ‘read’, people that I care about and people with whom I want to build stronger relationships.

So, like I said yesterday, my honey and I have been exploring online resources for poly and looking into meetups and so forth. One of the places we found was an IRC channel for and about polyamory. We stopped by for a little while over the weekend, but it was pretty quiet. Apparently, weekends usually are. So we figured that sometime during the week we will go back and try it again. See what it’s like when there are more people active on the channel.

Now, with the other chatting I have been doing, I am rather intrigued, wondering if it is possible to actually start building relationships with a tool like IRC. Granted, online relationships always eventually need to become real life to cross into truly deep and meaningful, I think, but if the chat can provide the basis, the instigation and the initial development of such relationships, I am rather excited about it all.

(Re: online relationships: over the last few years I have met… 100, maybe more, people IRL that I initially met and got to know online. Although not all of those relationships have become majorly significant in my life, I have to say, so far, I have never been disappointed, off-put, or otherwise felt like the real life person was in any way less than anticipated. Perhaps I have been lucky – or perhaps all those nay-sayers that deny the validity of online relationships are simply wrong πŸ™‚ )

So today on this quite January workday, I look forward to the possibilities opening before me – not only for my honey and I and our relationship, but also for all of the unknown people out there that I may one day have the opportunity to get to know, to learn form, to support, and perhaps, one day to meet. So many amazing people in this world, and that world seems wide open in front of me, today!

(Originally Posted January 9, 2007)


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