Posted by: terrapraeta | June 16, 2009


Close my eyes
And hold so tightly
Scared of what the morning brings
Waiting for tomorrow
Never comes
Deep inside
The empty feeling
All the night time leaves me
Three imaginary boys sing in my
Sleep sweet child
The moon will change your mind

The Cure, Three Imaginary Boys

So I guess I threw out some mixed signals, last week. That is probably appropriate as I was feeling quite mixed up myself.

This weekend I will be going to visit Eddie. In fact, when you read this, I may already be there:-) Unfortunately, along the way this week, everything that could go wrong, did. I’m not going to get into all the gory details, but the trip was only tentative because of various pending circumstances right up until Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, I still didn’t get the word on Monday. Or Tuesday. Wednesday, I gave up. Decided that the bad feelings I had been worrying over for the last few weeks were spot on and I should just forget about it all.

Then another old friend called, almost out of the blue. An old friend that lives in the same major city as Eddie. Right after Laura told my honey that he should convince me to just go and find out, rather than waiting to see… and so the next thing I know, I’m booking a flight and whatever happens, happens.

Then I heard from Eddie the next morning. I’m not prone to be superstitious, but that was a little too much coincidence even for me. So I will hop on a plane and go and face my past present and hopefully, future – but whatever I find, I have a good feeling that it will be right

(Originally Posted March 15, 2007)


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