Posted by: terrapraeta | July 21, 2009

Poetry Break

Two pieces from two very different parts of my life…. Reflection written as a sophomore in high school, and A Passing Train written just a few years ago when I began to question my life choices………


can you see me?
my white dress and purple shoes
dancing to the sound
of the holy cricket

but no
concrete walls
grow faster than trees

mechanical clones
in three piece business suits
stalk the streets
one, two, three, four
one, two, three, four

can you hear the rhythm?

A Passing Train

I’ve always been a walker
Passing from place to place
Stopping to look around
It suited me fine

Until he came along…
Needing to be carried
Cared for
The walk would have done us both good

But then I saw the train
What would be the harm?
He’s heavy you know
And needy
On the train
I could give him more
Space to move around

So we hopped the train
A warm blast of air
Foods and entertainments
Toys and baubles
Chugga chugga
To lull us to sleep..

But I forgot to get off at our stop
I forgot we had a stop
We ate our foods
Played with our toys
Enjoyed our entertainments

Blast of the horn
What was that?
I hadn’t noticed it before
Am I forgetting something?
Trying to put it back together

I look out the window
And see the world passing us by
Is that it?

Pull the stop cord
Jump the train
Its time to walk again
Feel the cold air
Gaze at the stars and wonder.


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