Posted by: terrapraeta | August 25, 2009

What About Love?

I’ve been taking on a new direction
But i have to say
I’ve been thinking about my own protection
It scares me to feel this way

What’s love got to do, got to do with it
What’s love but a sweet old fashioned notion
What’s love got to do, got to do with it
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

Tina Turner
, What’s Love Got to do with It?

What does it mean to love another person?

Hell… what does it mean to love, period.

For me, I think of wanting to protect another, whatever the cost to myself. I think of wanting happiness, serenity, comfort, safety, fulfillment and more for the one I love. I think of wanting to give them whatever the ask for – or whatever they need whether they ask or not. I feel joy when they are joyful, sadness when they are low. Most of all I want nothing to stand in their way to getting everything they want from life – including me, if such is the case.

Lately I’ve been paying a lot of attention to music. I always do, I suppose, but with the recent events in my life I’ve perhaps been paying more attention to songs about love. And I find that in almost every case what I am hearing is songs about desire. Of course, we all want to be with the ones that we love, there is always an element of desire. But this is more than that. It seems that in our popular culture, desire has replaced love. What we want is more important than anything, including what the ones we love want.

I find that despicable.

The question I have, pop culture aside, is this how most people actually feel? Do most people get so caught up in what they, themselves want that they forget the one they love? Have we fallen so far as a culture that this most basic of human emotions has become lost? I fear it may be the case, but I hope against hope that I am wrong



  1. I agree with you but would add…
    Love is accepting your loved ones failings.
    It’s also being dedicated to them.

  2. And you think that *I* need to be reminded of that? Really?

  3. Wasn’t implying that you needed reminding. Only saying that certain traits are bred/trained into me. Loyalty and Dedication are two of them. Unswerving, unconditional… And that ‘friend’ isn’t a title I assign lightly. Nor, I think, do you. My comment was, merely, an addition to your statement.

    ‘True love never dies.’
    -Secondhand Lions

  4. I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same distinction as the one you make between desire and love, but perhaps you’ll be encouraged by my recently heightened interest in human relationships.

  5. Hey Brian —

    Good to “see” you:-) I’m not quite making the connection to relationships, but I see you have been doing some interesting things lately to get your shit together… good stuff and good luck:-)


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