Posted by: terrapraeta | August 28, 2009

Youth is A Crime

And it all went quiet in the city
And the wind blew down the road
Someone cried out “Subvert”
And the people all went cold

Subvert, subvert, subvert, SUBVERT

Meanwhile back in Subvert City
Someone’s writing on the wall
“Fuck the government” spray-paint hero
Someone wants the state to fall
Religious dogma crucified
Ritual slaughter, no one lied
Living standards were dying morals
A state-controlled mass suicide

Subhumans, Subvert City

So a couple months ago, the place I work and several other businesses in town were robbed. Came in to work, only to spend four hours sitting out back, smoking and chatting with one of our local officers while the CI officer processed the scene. Over the next several days we were all warned that each of us, as well as our roommates, partners or what have you would all be contacted and interviewed as part of the follow up investigation.

Rumors flew around town concerning who had done it. Sometimes it sounded like they thought it was out of towners, rolled in, did the deed and were gone again before we even knew what had happened. Other times, they were quite sure it was local kids – at one point I even heard names mentioned. The aforementioned local officer even told me that they knew who had done it, but they couldn’t give out the names until and unless they made arrests. Thing is, not interviews were ever conducted and apparently, no investigation ever actually occurred. The question is why?

There was a key word in that last paragraph: local kids.

I find myself getting increasingly disgusted with this pattern I’m seeing. I’m just not sure if it is unique to law enforcement or if it is symptomatic of something bigger and more generalized. The local police force seems to spend most of their time harassing children and young adults, as opposed to their proclaimed priority of “serve and protect.” Just the other day, that same relatively good cop stopped a friend of mine on the street to ask how old he is. We were taking a break from work, walking downtown to blow some time, and he was smoking a cigarette. Even once I turned and said hello, he (knowing full well how old I am) continued on with checking my friends id to make certain he was over eighteen and legal to smoke. Really? That’s the highest priority you’ve got going on?

That’s not the worst, though. I have friends that get stopped, under every possible excuse, all of the time – and it is an open secret that the reason they get stopped is simply their age. Or, my friend with the felony conviction: he can’t vote, or own a weapon, for the rest of his life because he talked about doing something illegal. Thing is, I’m quite sure that everyone involved in the legal process knows, with as much confidence as I do, that he never would have gone through with his plan. It was fundamentally too stupid and ineffectual. Yet, he is marked for life. (and, of course, he was a teenage adult at the time, so that explains everything)

It really ticks me off. I mean… I got pulled over a week or two ago because one of my headlamps burned out. In fact, one of my break lights was out as well, but he only noticed that after he pulled me over. So what happened? He ran my info, asked me to see to it, smiled and told me to drive safe. If I had been male and under the age of thirty – particularly if it had been one of my more… expressive, and unusual friends – cuffs would have come into play before all was said and done. Even if no arrest ever occurred.

What I cannot figure out, though… is why? What does this signify, how does it relate to other bits and pieces of our cultural degeneration, and what does it suggest is coming? It really seems like just so much bizarre fixation – but on an endemic level. Anyone have thoughts?



  1. Seems like they’re sweeping the streets for those that haven’t been cowed/coerced by the acculturation machine (read: school and market) and still have some fight/nothing-to-lose in them. Folks easy to isolate, stereotype, blame, and oppress. You know, cops gettin’ some authority on…

  2. Yeah…. actually I had a conversation with one of my neighbors the other day… she used to live in the town I visited earlier this month. She was *tweaked* when I told her about sleeping on the beach… because apparently they only let that slide with tourists. She was living in her van for a while, working and making it all come together — and they hassled her endlessly. Old story, right?

    BTW, welcome Jim… how’d ya find me? my space?

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