Posted by: terrapraeta | September 1, 2009

Half Empty

Flies are buzzing around my head
Vultures circling the dead
Picking up every last crumb
Big fish eat the little ones
Big fish eat the little ones
Not my problem give me some

Radiohead, Optimistic

So last week I went out with one of my co-workers for his birthday. It was fun… we had some drinks, shot some pool, played some darts and hung out with a couple of my neighbors for a while. Nice, casual, fun.

The next day I was talking with my boss… okay, my friend who happens to own the business I work for… and we were comparing notes on D. He’s a total “glass-half empty” kind of person. In fact, while we were out he even asked me how I keep such and upbeat attitude. I told him that it was simple: life is good, no matter what happens, life is simply good. You know – my oft repeated line, here, recently.

So I’m talking with the boss – who is also a very upbeat type of person – and he’s telling me of all they years that he has tried to help D… of all the gifts and suggestions and talks… and how completely all of it has failed. So I tell him that I’ve made him my new pet project.

I realized later that the frame was totally wrong. I am NOT going to make him a project… I’m not going to try and “fix” him or anything on that order. What I will do, however, is continue to be who I am. And when we talk, or hang out, every day when we work together, I will just continue to treat life and people and events the way that I do… and who knows, maybe some of it will rub off on him, or maybe in some way I will have a positive impact on his life. And really, what more could I ask?



  1. What more could you ask? Perhaps to recognise what positive impact he’s having on *you*? Even if I consciously decide not to fix, I find it slippery trying to get out of the frame that there’s something wrong about “you”, – we have our subtle superiorities.

    Ah, I just noticed some double meanings: “a project” and “to project”
    “to fix”(mend) and “to fix”(pin, hold fast). I wonder what part of you he represents, threatening to dislodge “who you am” from continuing to be?

    • My reply sounds condescending, reading it back (and maybe that’s the way I am sometimes;) ) – I hope you don’t mind a stranger trying to challenge you, and me, further down the paths we’re already on.

  2. Hey —

    Oh….. no worries John, push away;-)

    And it IS a good point… because yes, everyone does have an impact on me as well, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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