Posted by: terrapraeta | September 18, 2009


Is anybody alive in here?
Is anybody alive in here?
Is anybody at all in here?
Nobody but us
Nobody but us
Is anybody alive in here?
Nobody but us

Your uniform don’t seem to fit
You’re much too alive in it
You’ve been letting your feelings show

The Police, Miss Gradenko

Over last weekend I read Darwin’s Children by Greg Bear. I had read Darwin’s Radio some years ago and really enjoyed it, but when I immediately tried to read the follow up I had a hard time getting into it. So now, all these years later, I picked it up at the used bookstore and was able to read and enjoy it quite a lot.

Darwin’s Radio is a modern sci-fi story about a virus that, in fact, creates sudden mutation and evolutionary change in a species. In the story, that species is human. I’m not going to give all the gory details – go read the book if you’re interested – but its an interesting though highly improbable (evolutionary speaking) premise. In Darwin’s Children the story focuses on, surprise, the children born of this viral mutation and how they develop into a viable new culture/community.

What really interested me, however, was some of the correlations between my writing (and many others) about building new culture, building community and the necessary components of such a venture, and the article I wrote last week about the new behaviors I am seeing amongst certain young people I know. In a total sci-fi story way, the book seemed to echo themes from both.

I guess I just find it interesting the way these concurrences always seem to happen. Sometimes it sounds like the gods telling me that yes, you’re on the right path. Of course, if I had read the book and then had these inspirations, none of it would mean anything – but it always seems to work in the opposite direction… I write something and then read, or converse, something else that suggests what I just wrote. Interesting? Maybe only to me. But it makes me smile, in any case.


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