Posted by: terrapraeta | September 24, 2009


I don’t know what they told you
Don’t even care what about
All I know is I’m clean as a whistle, baby
I didn’t let the cat out

So don’t look at me sideways
Don’t even look me straight on
And don’t look at my hands in my pockets, baby
I ain’t done anything wrong

I never said nothing
No, baby, I never said nothing

Liz Phair, Never Said

I got myself a new toy last weekend.

Ok, it’s not really a toy, it’s a tool, but just the same I’m kind of excited. My first ever, proper knife. It is well made, full tanged and stiff bladed. The edge is not razor sharp, but if I choose I can work on that. However, that’s not really what I was needing, anyway.


I had two incentives for getting it. The first very general: I figured it was time that I get accustomed to having a knife, holding it in my had, thinking of a knife as more than just a kitchen utensil. The more I hike and camp, the more it will come into play and I want to become comfortable with it as a normal extension of my inherant abilities.

The second was more specific: I wanted a tool specifically useful for harvesting wild plants. Whether I am after pine noodles or kinnickinnick, or, as I did the other day, harvesting yucca root.


For this, I had my folding camp shovel and the knife and, surprisingly, I had my prize in less than five minutes. I love having proper tools for a job – and even moreso when those tools are multipurpose.



When I got home, I also found the knife useful in removing the bark from the root: in this case, the bark was thick and hard, so I found myself chipping it off more than peeling it as I would in many cases, so the stiffness of the knife was a real asset.

Once the bark was removed, I chopped the root into small pieces and dropped them into the foot of a pair of stockings along with some dried chamomile flowers, tied it off and viola: I now have an alternative to commercial body wash. I’ll let you know how I like it.



  1. oh, man, i love the knife! excellent choice! i am so far behind on blogs….i’m hoping there has been an update on the bodywash? i’ll keep on reading….

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