Posted by: terrapraeta | September 28, 2009


Riding the storm out
Waiting for the fallout
On a full moon night in the Rocky Mountain winter
Wine bottle’s low
Watching for the snow
I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been missing in the city

And I’m not missing a thing
Watching the full moon crossing the range
Riding the storm out

REO Speedwagon, Riding the Storm Out

The last week has really been kinda quiet for me. I mean, I wrote about my hike and collecting last week, and I actually went out for fun Saturday night – totally spontaneously with a couple of my neighbors – but there are no stories in it. Just a fun evening of live music, cocktails and dancing amongst friends.

Besides that I have been working and raising my puppy – she’s getting big fast! I did order some new books last week – five or six new western states edible and useful plant guides. Can’t wait for those to arrive (should be sometime in the next few days).

My car is hopefully, finally going to be back in action this week – after sitting in my parking lot unmoving for almost two months. Assuming that the things we have fixed and intend to do tomorrow account for all of the problems. I don’t use my car much, in any case, but it is definitely useful when I went to take a trip back to the midwest (planned for next month), and it’s also useful for occasional trips out for doggie food and other large, awkward items. It will also make it much easier for me to go and find some kinnickinnick!

This week I am going to be finishing work on my “find” from my hiking trip last week – I’ll be posting descriptions and pictures, hopefully all the way through the finished “product.” And after the rally last week, I want to get some thoughts written up about the whole bottled water industry. You know, it’s something I’ve been aware of for years, but strange how importance changes when it affects you personally. (I know – not strange at all – it’s totally reasonable 🙂 ) I also want to write more about collapse, but in the microcosm: what it looks like so far in this small mountain town… but that is going to require some inspiration of the “immediate” variety, so we’ll see when that is ready to come spilling out.

So I guess all I really have to say today is that I’ve got more coming, and hopefully, today is the calm before the storm…


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