Posted by: terrapraeta | November 12, 2009

Like It’s 1999…

People, let me tell U somethin’
If U didn’t come 2 party, don’t bother knockin’ on my door
I got a lion in my pocket and, baby, he’s ready 2 roar (Yeah)
Everybody’s got a bomb, we could all die any day (Oh)
But before I let that happen, I’ll dance my life away

Oh, they say 2000 zero zero party over, oops, out of time!
(We’re runnin’ out of time)
So 2night I’m gonna party like it’s 1999! (We gonna, we gonna, oh!)

Prince, 1999

Okay, yeah… that is a bit of an exaggeration. Nonetheless, this last weekend I decided it was time for me to stop being a hermit and get my bootie out and have some fun again.

Why not… it was my birthday. And not just any birthday, but my 40th birthday. Wow. Who knew I’d live to see the day? But rather than feeling old, I am realizing how much I do NOT feel old. And I’m really digging that.

So last Saturday night I went out, drank way too much, played pool, played darts, danced… and I even sang Karaoke. That could have been good, but by the time they called me up I was a bit… over the limit, shall we say… so I was rather disappointed in my performance. But then, there were no really phenomenal performers there, so I’m not exactly getting all wound up about it.

I stayed out too late, I consumed far more alcohol than I really should have and I slept too little, so Sunday – my actual birthday – I was feeling a bit run over. Just the same, after nursing myself with a lot of water a couple decent meals and a relaxing film after work, I headed out again. This time for a much more relaxed, hang out with friends and have a few cocktails sort of evening. It worked out really well.

When I got to the bar, a friend of mine was working and three gentlemen were hanging around – two that I sort of know as regulars and one that, after a few moments we realized was one of my regular customers at the restaurant. We chatted some and got to know each other and played some pool. Then one of my co-workers showed up. Then Eddie and another mutual friend came in. It was a few hours of hanging out, drinking socially (but not at all to excess), chatting and pool playing. Then everyone gradually started to head on home. When Eddie left, I announced to my friend behind the bar that that day marked the most pleasant and relaxed time I had spent with Eddie in many many months. It was good. I think I have my friend back.

I managed to get home by midnight (after all, my birthday was over at that point), played with the dog, went to bed and woke up Monday feeling just fine. That’s how I like it (except for those rare occasions like Saturday when I really feel like going all out.)

Brilliant weekend… and a spring board to start getting out and having fun as a regular sort of thing. Not that I will get smashed all that often… but being around people again is something I am definitely ready for. Go me.



  1. Happy Birthday! I’ll be hitting that milestone myself soon and it’s good to see a fellow traveller revelling in middle age instead of whining about it like we are “socially conditioned” to do!

  2. Thanks Glen!

    I’m not middle aged… ha! I think that’s what I finally figured out. We are only as old as we feel/behave/think. I’m healthier than I have been for most of my life, I look better, I feel better and I’m more involved in, well, everything, so how can that be old?


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