Posted by: terrapraeta | November 23, 2009

Damn Statistics

We lost ourselves in these bright lights and cigarettes.
We became our charade.
A classic primetime tragedy, so skin graphed, a romantically hopeless war path.
Statistically the cameras said.
That lovers like us die, in car wrecks.

Mathematically incorrect, you fuckers ain’t seen nothin yet.
And baby tonight we’ll be the robots in the spotlight.
We lost ourselves in these bright lights and cigarettes.
We became our charade.
A classic primetime tragedy, so skin graphed, a romantically hopeless warpath.
Statistically the cameras set.
And lovers like us die in car wrecks.

Odd Project, Statistics Like Cigarettes

I have a new animal in the house today…. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. To tide ya over….

I read another article today that paints our future pretty much hosed. Of course, it was written from the perspective of someone who wants to save civilization and specifically the “american” way of life. And, of course, statistics can be made to say anything. Nonetheless, it covers the whole gamut of what is going in the American Economic system, the ecological crisis, and so forth. Read it if you like, just keep in mind the perspective and assumptions beneath the “call to arms.”



  1. That’s one sharpshooting summary!
    He calls it right… then he makes this lame call to march on D.C. and talk to “our reps.” Ha. That just about killed me.

    A very touching rant from a Brazilian: “Brothers, Sisters, we are in the desert, a sand storm is coming… Let’s be reasonable and forget about miraculous Leaders…. such a man could only become, sooner or later, a puppet, a demon in our own media-lized eyes, or a corpse.” Amen, brother.

    This is the interesting question another commenter raises here…”When you add energy depletion into the picture, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the looting of the US economy & the global economy is intentional. The elite are arranging it so the will remain on top on the way down, keeping the rest of us beneath them to cushion the landing.” Exactly how much forethought is in what is happening? I think doomers like Kunstler are just feeding the illusion of moronic happenstance. I am not ready to throw in with conspiracy freaks, but it sure is looking mighty strange… and these elites are not morons.

  2. Hey —

    Oh, I am quite certain that the looting is intentional… but the thing is, as “smart” as they are, they don’t realize that as things come down money will cease to be an issue. If someone is starving, they won’t sell you their bread for ANY price… land will still have value, but only i you have the force to hold it. There will be an intermediate period where the truly wealthy will hold great power, but I don’t think it will last very long because for those willing to see, the last of the illusions of civilization will fall away. For those unwilling, well starvation is pretty final. Know what I mean?


  3. So the looting is intentional. Yes. Still though, I don’t think for a moment that the whole propaganda about recovery is believed in by the elites. Yet they seemed to be doing everything to dig us deeper. What gives?

    Why are they ruining America?

  4. Hey —

    I suspect that they believe (whether they consciously realize it or not) in some variation of sci-fi future…. maybe a la Running Man. Not because they expect “recovery” but because they cannot concieve of civilization ending. If civ continues, then it must be some variation of a tiny number of rich with billions on the edge of starvation, living in the streets, and so on.


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  6. Hey —

    ty Jim… was it linking to FB when you clicked? I was gonna fix it when I saw the code, but when I clicked it went straight to the site. Maybe because I was logged into FB? Any case, I’ll remember not to be so lazy in the future 😉


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