Posted by: terrapraeta | November 26, 2009


mr. mr. you make me sick
i ain’t gonna fall for that same old trick
won’t you turn around and take a trip back
to the other side of town you drip buttercup
buttercup you’re all washed up
get out of my face and shut the fuck up
no business cards or that fake ass stuff
bouncer’s on your ass so you better hurry up
take a look don’t you know i don’t care about you
not a one thing you won’t do
to get attention from the ones who ignore
now don’t cast all your friends away
there’s only one thing i can say
hey man you’re sick and rotten to the core
hey you’re all washed up
would you please shut up
take a walk that way
hey you’re all washed up

The Urge, All Washed Up


Went out to the bar again last night. It was fun, played some pool, flirted a lot, came home late and slept too little.

And now I think I’ve had enough of that for a while. Just feeling kinda grungy and worn out. Maybe I’m getting to old for this shit.

Nah…. it’s more than that. Fun is fun, but when it comes down to it, I am well aware of who I am and what I am about, and I am decidedly not about the same things that drive the bar scene in this (or any) town. So while it can be mildly entertaining and, lately, massive food for my ego, I’m really far more interested in people who like me for whoIam rather than those that (think they) like me for howIlook.

And quite frankly, I do have a little down time for the next few months so I can spend a little bit of it just playing and having fun, but I have no interest in that as a lifestyle. And the people I know at the bar – that IS their lifestyle. Phooey.

The good news? It only took me a couple of weeks to put this all together… or remember it, or whatever. I dunno… maybe it shouldn’t have even taken that long. Maybe I’m just rambling… but I feel better about it all now that I stopped and looked at the other side of play time.

Balance. Balance is good.



  1. Happy Tday – I got to spend it with Chris H. and his friend Kelly. They were in town and together we enjoyed the foodfest with my family.


  2. Happy Turkey Day, Jim…. that’s great! How’s he doing? All I ever see his his cynical comments and side notes on FB 🙂


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