Posted by: terrapraeta | December 12, 2009

While We Are on the Subject

I just had to throw this up… The Rat posted yesterday… Premise Four. And I really have nothing more to say. He’s got it pretty much covered.



  1. I agree with him. Up to a point.

    Fighting back to defend what you love, when nothing else will do, a big YES.

    Fighting back when the issue is trivial, and will only feed the energy to the abusers, is stupid and counterproductive.

    Isn’t it about time we made the distinction?

  2. Hey —

    I think that distinction has been made to death…. I mean, really, how many times does it need to be stated that we are not (and never have been) talking about fighting/violence for fighting/violence sake?

    But here’s the thing… everything we do in our lives can be fundamentally reduced to three categories. Producing. Consuming. Other. (I wanted to say “everything else”, but let’s face it, very few people do anything at all beyond the first two categories, so let’s not use exaggerating language). If you are producing or consuming you are feeding the system. “Other” you are not feeding it and you may even be taking from it. And that’s good, right?


  3. That is good.

    I was referring to Rat’s going on about his friend who was silly enough to deface a church, to get caught, to skip parole, and to get caught again…. c’mon kids… don’t waste your stuff on banging yr head against the Machine and then complaining about the Machine not being nice… (insert roll-eye here).

  4. Hey —

    I can’t comment on the initial vandalism etc, because I don’t know the story…. but I don’t think his rant was about the machine not being nice…. I think it was more about how blatant and in your face the hierarchy is about the monopoly of violence and how, incredibly, so many people still can’t even see it. And of those that do, most of us still play along.


  5. And my point was that, given the fact that Rat knows how blatant and in your face the hierarchy is…. why go on about how unfair they were to the friend? It’s a given…

    I mean, isn’t it?

  6. Hey —

    If its a given why are so many people completely blind to it?

    Why blog at all if the point isn’t to try and turn a spotlight?


  7. Um… well, I didn’t know that Rat was tryin’ to educate the clueless about the basics. If he is, then… right-o. Carry on. 😉

  8. And I am hastening to add that I do it too, here and there. Educating the semi?-clueless, that is… I just misunderstood the audience of his blog.

  9. Hey vera —

    I feel like I’m beating this to death… but if it is so obvious, why do so many people still not see it, and continue to play along even if they do?

    Sometimes “basics” are the hardest thing to really come to grips with and *change* (in oneself)


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