Posted by: terrapraeta | January 15, 2010


I’m sleeping to develop myself
I wake up then relinquish what’s left
With my anger well diffused
The link to love I now may choose
With my heart no more abused
The link of love I now may use

Collective Soul, Link

A few interesting things I have read this week…. because apparently inspiring as they are, none of it inspired me to actually right something original. Sorry. It happens. But still some good stuff:

For those out California way: there will be some interesting happenings through January. My friend the Rat is participating in the Earth First! California Road Show. He talks about it a bit here.

And that will lead up to this event in February in Santa Barbara. If you are out that way, check it out. Could be really interesting for anyone with a feral vision.

On the political side of things: 90 Things Obama accomplished that were never reported on. Obviously, some of these things were reported, because I have heard about them previously (and I don’t hear anything as I never read or watch the news). And I noticed that an awful lot of them are announced intentions, so they don’t really count. But there are still a few things that are useful and perhaps even significant in the short term.

One of the things not on that list and very disturbing to me: ongoing suspension of civil rights right here in the US. And the title is spot on, One Day We’ll All be Terrorists.

Got me thinking more about yesterday’s post about Charlie and making connections that I really don’t want to see.

And then, lastly, a few neat resources:

Online Barter Connections:

Greywater preferred practices, common mistakes, activism and more:

And finally, some permaculture resources. I’m sure there are others, but these are some of the useful ones I have found.

Native Seeds:

Local Plant Identification and Guilding:

And finally, a comprehensive list of Dynamic Accumulators and their relevant nutrients:

Until next week…………… Cheers!


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