Posted by: terrapraeta | January 26, 2010

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I’m bored

I’m the chairman of the bored,
I’m a lengthy monologue
I’m livin’ like a dog

I’m bored

I bore myself to sleep at night
I bore myself in broad daylight coz

I’m bored
Just another slimy bore

Iggy Pop, I’m Bored

I’m feeling very much like I am playing a weird sort of waiting game today. Partly its personal… there are a lot of things up in the air right now. Things I am waiting to happen, or even waiting to see if they will happen. Partly, I’m certain, it is the time of year. January always seems like the one month of the year that is nothing so much as a pause in my normal life. February also seem to have little going on, yet the month is so short that once it begins it is over and then I start thinking spring.

I’ve been reading online a lot recently. Boredom, perhaps, or looking for inspiration. Both. I caught up on all of Toby’s articles over the last couple years at All of it is pretty good, but nothing that has inspired me to write (aside from the one article a week or so ago). He has veered away from doomerism once more. I respect that – I don’t like to think of myself as a “doomer” because I believe that what I am doing in my life, and writing about in this blog is about creation more than anything — yet I do tend to think that collapse is upon us and will be rather harsh and that arguments to the contrary tend to be wishful thinking, or simply not taking into account the systemic nature of civilization. Regardless, I think some of the points he raises are valuable so long as you look past the instances and consider the patterns.

I also have been reading ArchDruid regularly (obviously from the last couple weeks discussions), but I think that will soon come to an end. I was going to write an article a couple weeks ago about this. I read the series Greer wrote before beginning the series on Community and while there was a lot of information in those posts, I failed to grasp any unifying theme. I could not figure out what he was trying to prove, or even suggest until he stated it bluntly at the end. Fine. Whatever. But then this series on community began and I got drawn into the discussion. Cool. Now, after reading the first two articles and the ensuing discussion, I am realizing that the “discussions” are not really, as minority opinions (or any opinion contrary to Greer’s own) are dismissed out of hand. I was particularly disturbed when he made no response to Sharon Astyk’s follow up discussion. Apparently her points don’t fit into the argument he wants to “prove” and therefore they are unworthy of comment. No wonder he didn’t like my comments that open, honest communication is vital to community. 😉

Which brings me to Sharon. I had not read her at all until this recent spate of articles, but I have been by there a few times recently and I am very much enjoying her stuff. She is all over the place, topically, but the one consistency I am seeing is a very practical treatment of the various issues facing us in an energy descent world. I like practicality. All of the high ideals in the world won’t provide food, shelter, clothing. So everything else aside, this is a woman grounded in the real world. Good stuff.

Finally, I’ve been stopping by and giggling with Joe Baigent now and again. While he can sometimes be long winded, I find that as an old time fan of old timers and their cranky ways, Joe is a riot! Reminds me of sitting around and chatting with old timers back in Wisconsin when I was in college. Or sitting around and chatting with old timers here. Always in the bar of course. Reading Joe may not ever inspire a new approach to much of anything, but he does put a smile on my face and occasionally raise a little fire in my heart. So what the hell.

So this is where I am at right now. I don’t know what direction my next spate of writing will take. I’m kinda in a lull. And I don’t know if I am in the eye of the hurricane, or if I’m between storms. But I suppose I will figure it out within a few days, because things never stay quiet for very long.



  1. tp – Feel free to check out my works; maybe they will help you thru the boredom!

  2. sorry tp:

    evidently their link is a piece of shit, so just go to my site;

  3. Hey Sandy —

    I will!… and for some reason that link wasn’t working, so I edited your comment… should be okay now.


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