Posted by: terrapraeta | January 30, 2010

From the Archives…

Everyone’s corrupt
You should just shut up
Lay down, back off
The demon you disrupted

Don’t wanna talk about politics
Refuse to talk about politics
Don’t let me talk about politics
Don’t give a shit about politics

You want to sleep with him to get to who you need to know
Think thats the way to go don’t you?
Its in religion, sex, and everything we do and say
I look the other way won’t you?

Everybody’s race
Lying to your face
Kick’s you in the guts
leaves you here all messed up

Don’t wanna talk about politics
Refuse to talk about politics
Don’t let me talk about politics
Don’t give a shit about politics

Korn, Politics

Last week I was messing around on the computer and I found a virtual treasure trove of old writing. Stuff I wrote in the early days of my involvement with the inspiration of Ishmael. In fact, during the 2004 election cycle. It was the only time in my life that I involved myself in politics, and it was disappointing enough that when all was said and done, I turned my back once and for all on the whole mess. However, some of the things I wrote then still have some relevance and since I have been a little slow in writing lately, I decided that some of it would be worth re-posting.

So, over the next few weeks I’ll occasionally be posting one or more articles “From the Archives.” Because a lot of it was based upon then “current events,” it seems important for me to note that they are old. But the topics discussed will all be equally relevant now — even if I have since looked at the issue in a new way. Of course, that will give me more fodder for current articles as well, so it’s all good.

The first set of these articles will begin Monday, discussing George Lakoff and his Moral Politics. Won’t this be fun? 😉



  1. Well, I am totally creeped out. A neighbor of mine, with whom we’ve had many fun times over the year, bashing politicians and sharing our dismay over the state of the country… well, he’s apparently recently decided that support of Obama is where it’s at and anything else is just dooming us all to failure. He just about near accused me of fomenting this failure-causing disloyalty.

    I feel like I have been snatched into some earlier European days when the shared citizen yakking suddenly… peters out… because some citizens get so scared that only “supporting the leader” makes sense, and any fellow citizens who do not, begin to be seen as traitorous and against the common good. Yikes.

    I feel like I am trapped in some nightmare where history repeats itself over and over.

  2. What? Do you mean to say you didn’t know that we were stuck in a nightmare that repeats?

    Seriously, tho…. I know what you mean. I realized a long time ago that I cannot *expect* anyone to get where I am coming from. I can only just keep poking at the edges of people’s thoughts and dieas and see what happens…….


  3. The weird thing is, this man understands a lot of what goes on. But I think what kicked in yesterday was, he is retired and counts on the govt check, he can’t imagine how he’d survive otherwise… He is also a saddle maker but nobody’s buying fancy saddles nowadays…

    Maybe it was one of his “grasping at straws” moments.

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