Posted by: terrapraeta | February 17, 2010

From the Archives: Of Dogs and Kids and Birds…

in your wings my little one
This special
morning brings another sun
see the things
that never come

When you see me
Fly away without you
Shadow on the things you know
Feathers fall around you
And show you the way to go
It’s over, it’s over.

Neil Young, Birds

Obviously, from the very first words, I wrote this some years ago. It was probably the very beginning of me really starting to see the natural bounty around me and relating to it *differently* than I ever had before. This week, I’ve been looking for spring more and more intensely, so it seemed like an early summer story of plenty was an appropriate article to post. Tomorrow I will try to get my butt back into writing mood, but for now… dogs and kids and birds………..

My family moved into a new home last July. Shortly after we arrived, we discovered a nice patch of black and red raspberries in the back yard. Each day, while the berries were ripening, my son and his dog would head out into the yard for a mid-day snack of fresh berries.

This year, the berries are starting to ripen again and kid and dog have gotten right back into their routine. (sidebar – have you ever seen a golden retriever(or any large carnivore) attempt to pick raspberries off of the vine? Try and imagine it! I dare you :))

Yesterday, my honey went out and munched on some berries. Ok so far. But then he comes inside and asks me for a basket.

“A Basket? Why?”

“Because there are more berries out there than I can eat, so I need a basket to put them in?”

So he takes a bowl outside and spends the next twenty minutes picking raspberries. I point out to him that he could leave some for the birds. I believe he was kidding (or he thought I was kidding) for his response was simply “No.” He brings them in, sets them on the counter and then goes about his business.

At dinner, I put the berries out – my son and I eat about half of them. Of course, at one point Ian spots a bug and that kinda freaks him out. He wouldn’t think anything of it if he saw a bug while picking berries. But somehow, at the dinner table its different.

So now, today, there are no ripe berries for dog and kid to go pick. I have a half a tub of slightly rotting, almost molding berries in my fridge. No one will eat them. The birds got ripped off. The kid and the dog got ripped off. And the old man wasted twenty minutes of his day.

Huh. Its a strange way to live…


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