Posted by: terrapraeta | April 6, 2010

Manipulative Little B****

Someone told me once
that there’s a right and wrong,
and that punishment
would come to those
who dare to cross the line.

But it must not be true
for jerk-offs like you.
Maybe it takes longer to catch a total asshole.
but I’m tired of waiting.
Maybe it’s just bullshit and I should play GOD,
and shoot you myself.*
Because I’m tired of waiting.

Tool, Jerk Off

I am irritated this morning.

The details don’t mater at all… but last night I had a brush with one of those people that can best be described as petty. Every word out of his mouth designed to make himself look better to whomever he was speaking at the time, manipulative, jealous, shallow.

Mostly it irritates me because in some ways I really like the dude. Sometimes we have had really entertaining banter, joking and flirting and generally just having fun. But then there are the other times. The times when he is trying to get something, or wishing he could get something or bemoaning the life that he has and trying to pretend it is something else. Bull shit, in other words.

I think I have forgiven that behavior previously because it always occurred when he was very intoxicated. Last night, sure he had a buzz but I wouldn’t say he was out of control. Which just means that all his little manipulative crap was conscious and intentional. And because of that, I have to now look back and realize when he has played this game other times. And I have to be honest with myself and acknowledge that I have chosen to overlook it and so this is partly my own fault.

And so I am irritated. Now I just have to make sure that I do not vent my irritation in the wrong direction.


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